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Calice is a New York based business advisory service catering primarily to small and young businesses. Our goal is to find solid businesses seeking expansion capital and ensure that they represent a good return for investment capital -- either equity or debt.

This is done by first vetting any prospective business to see if their concept fits our criteria. We then perform the needed due diligence to verify that the business will be able to prove out this concept to prospective funders. With few exceptions, we only work with businesses that already have or will have solid sources of revenue via verifiable contracts with well established entities that have strong balance sheets and credit quality.

Our consulting work often involves strategic advising to ensure that structures and practices are in place that reinforce success to the growing businesses. With this done, we prepare the requisite deal documents and financial models that will be required to raise the necessary capital and engage potential funders.

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Potential funders and lenders are rewarded with quality deal flow where much of their due diligence has been done for them and the concept is laid out via good documentation and realistic financial models.

Calice Group will look at a diverse range of industries to find desirable candidates. Calice has historically worked in frontier markets, where we often find undiscovered diamonds in the rough possessing above average returns. We remain open to quality businesses in the US and other developed markets. In exceptional circumstances, we may provide targeted angel financing until greater financing is obtained.